The Callista (Most  Beautiful Goddess)


Signature facial which is formulated by our therapists for your specific skin type and includes deep cleansing,  exfoliation,  extractions,  massage, appropriate mask and serums.




The Aegle (Radiant Goddess)


Anti-age facial. Perfect for sun damaged and mature skin

Vitamin a and c serums are added as well as an anti-age mask.




 The CONCORDIA ( Peaceful Goddess)


Sinus facial. Deep cleansing, exfoliation, sinus massage with essential oil focusing on pressure points which alleviates sinus pressure and allows drainage to occur.




 The Cora (Maiden of Love)


Acne facial- perfect for problem skin, deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, light massage 




 The Venus  (Goddess of Love)


Collagen facial- perfect for mature skin infuses hyaluronic acid and collagen deep into the skin

The result is bright, dewy, and glowing skin.




~All Goddess Facials are 52 Minutes~






The Apollo (god of healing)

Signature facial which includes appropriate essential oils and products according to skin type and need




The Zeus ( God of The Heavens)


30 minute facial with extraction

20 minute back facial




Back Facial 

30 minutes 









Lash lift and tint 60 min                      $150


Lash lift 45 min                                   $100


Lash tint 30 min                                  $40


Lash Lift Reversal                             $150

Eyes and Brows
Macro photo of a female eye with make-up







Lip                                                      $12

Chin                                                    $12

Brows                                                  $25

Brow shaping and waxing                   $40

Underarms                                          $25

Forearms                                             $30

Full arm                                               $60

Full Legs                                             $100

Half leg                                                $50

Full bikini                                             $60

Bikini line                                             $50

Brazilian                                              $75

   Back                                                    $100 

Upper Chest                                         $50

   Full Chest                                             $100

Full butt                                                   $50

   The Grizzly Manscaping Package        $295 




Ear candling $50

Eliminates wax buildup in the ear canal while relieving pressure and eliminating toxins 30 min.



Glycolic peels      $150 50 min.


High frequency facial  $100  30 min

Perfect for problem skin such as acne or Rosacea 

Kills all bacteria lying underneath the skin


Microdermabrasion  $150  50 min.  



Package pricing available 


 Collagen induction therapy

60 min  $350


Collagen induction therapy creates micro punctures in the skin. The body then sends fibroblasts to create collagen   Amazing treatment for old acne scarring,  large pores,  imperfections in the skin, fine lines and wrinkles. 3-6 consecutive sessions are recommended for best results. 

Discount given if sessions are purchased upfront. 

Please arrive 15 min prior to your appointment to fill out any necessary forms. Park in the parking lot behind the spa and call us when you arrive, we will bring any needed forms to you and come get you for your treatment. If you arrive late the therapist will do her best with time allotted and the full price will be charged. If the therapist is running late that is on us and you will get your full treatment time. 


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